5 of the BEST-Reviewed Cedar Playsets

There are so many things that you can buy for your youngsters these days that it is hard to budget them all in for the time that they stay youngsters. Play structures of any kind provide relief for many of your concerns.

They spark the imagination, promote exercise, and lasts their entire childhood. If you are able to keep it maintained then even their kids will be able to enjoy!

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Why is Cedar so great?

Cedar trees grow in mountainous regions, in North America, they grow in the Pacific Northwest. They naturally have developed in damp areas which give it self-protective qualities that you would need for an outdoor product, especially on you want to keep a long time.

Cedar is porous and stands up to moisture which makes it very resistant to rot better than other woods. Many types of wood, when subject to moisture, will warp but cedar will stay straight which means it won’t change the size or dimension despite the humidity, weather, or temperature conditions. It can also be stained and painted without losing its grain texture.

Now that we know the benefits of cedar, let us take a look at 5 of the best-reviewed playsets made from this miraculous wood.


Backyard Discovery Skyfort II

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This fun version of the classic swing set will be a favorite with kids. It features a second story clubhouse play fort, solid roof, gabled entry way and balcony. A crow’s nest allows them to look out to the horizon while they play. Monkey bars and swings provide hours of fun. A solid rock wall is great climbing exercise.

A standard ladder provides access to the large upper deck. A 10-foot wave slide allows them to zoom down and start the fun again. Of course, the swings will take them high in the air. You will enjoy knowing your little ones are safe as they play in the yard.

The raised clubhouse has a solid wood roof, not just a flimsy tarps like with other playsets. The clubhouse is complete with windows, a covered entry way, and bay windows. The clubhouse also features a roomy front porch with a sun balcony for added fun.

The lower deck is complete with a picnic table, a great place for kids to rest with a snack or coloring book. The monkey bars allow access to the upper deck as does the rock wall and ladder. The three-position swing beam comes with belt swings and a two-person glider. The wave slide and sandbox complete the playset.

Cedar Summit Playset

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This is one product that will provide hours of fun for young adventurers. It is a great way to get kids outdoors and active as they run, climb, swing and slide. It features a lower clubhouse with a large upper deck. There is a two-person glider swing as well as two single swings with belts. Kids will enjoy the thrill of swinging high in the air.

In addition, it features a fun rock wall for them to climb and challenge themselves. The rock wall is made with attractive rocks in multiple colors. There is also an access ladder with flat steps to help them reach the top safely.

The clubhouse on the bottom floor comes with a working door and two large windows for peekaboo fun. The upper deck is large and covered by a colorful shiplap roof. There are two big windows with flower boxes on the upper deck, so kids can look to the outdoors as they play in a fun shaded area. The upper deck also has an open lookout above the spiral slide. The spiral slide is wavy and twelve feet long for fast and safe fun.

Cedar Summit Brookridge
Swing Set

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This structure is a wonderful way to get the kid outdoors and get them engaged in exciting and imaginative activities. It is designed to last for years. You can rest assured that children are safely playing in the yard and having tons of fun doing it.

There are enough activities for up to nine children at the same time, making it ideal for any yard. The rock wall means climbing fun with appealing rocks in different colors. The monkey bars provide great exercise for kids and allow access to the upper deck. The upper deck is large and shaded by a brightly colored tarp.

In addition, there are two single swings with belts for safety. There is also a premium glider for one or two passengers. A wave slide will give the kids great sliding fun while keeping them safe with the high rails. Kids can be creative by drawing on the chalk wall or playing in the sandbox. A café table with two stool seats is a great place for them to rest, read or color a picture.

The assembly has easy step by step instructions to follow and comes with all the lumber, components and hardware needed.

Swing-N-Slide Jamboree Fort

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Finding a great backyard fort for the kids to enjoy for the summer can be tricky. No matter where you look, there are always so many different qualities in each one that it can be difficult to find just the right combination.

If you find yourself in the same struggle when it comes to the perfect play set for your home, this one may be exactly what you have been searching for. The different activities for your children to choose from are plentiful, including two individual swings, a slide, a climbing wall, a telescope, a ring and trapeze combination bar, a small playhouse area, and even an attached picnic table with an awning up above it.

This product is terrific for children 2 years of age and older, and can also entertain several children at one time. Plus, it also comes with everything necessary to put it together and is made with all durable and sustainable materials to last through any harsh weather you may have near your home.

Whether your children are playing with the playhouse features, or swinging on the swings all throughout the day, you know they will have a great time on their new and long lasting fort.

Backyard Discovery
Oceanview Swing Set

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No doubt that this set is going to fill your child’s mind with great memories. So many possibilities to use their imagination and multiple avenues to use up their high energies. You won’t have any trouble getting the little ones outside and exercising, even though they won’t know that is what they are doing (wink.)

It features a large clubhouse where they could be the king or queen of the castle with a 10-foot slide attached so that they can make a clean getaway. There are 2 swings that have belts on them for safety. Also, there is a trapeze swing for monkeying around with a set of monkey bars on the other side to build upper strength.

Helpful Hint: You can replace the trapeze swing for a baby swing easily. The monkey bars you can leave off and replace with another slide if you feel your children aren’t old enough.
Once they get tuckered out then they can rest and relax with their favorite juice box in the hammock. That’s right we said a HAMMOCK!

You will definitely get years of use out of this product. One of the most heartwarming of the features is a growth board to mark how much they grow so you can match it with your grandchildren when they play on it.


All in all, no matter which one of these beautiful play structures you decide to provide as an imagination wonderland to your child it will last for years, with proper maintenance of course.

The playtime will be in their childhood and the memories will be forever.

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