5 Playhouses for Children you may have Missed

Few can discount the resourcefulness of children in their ability to entertain themselves with the minimal amount of physical things to play with. Give them a box and it becomes a space ship or a race car. The intensity of these creations can only be magnified with a box specifically designed to blow your kid’s imagination out of the water.

Below are reviews of some of the best-reviewed kids’ playhouses that are out there. Each one could give them years in entertainment, especially if you have multiple kids.

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Little Tikes
Picnic on the Patio

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This product will help your child develop their interest in cooking for others without all the worries of burning the house down. Providing a service to others is a very valuable lesson that your child can develop while having fun at the same time.

Inside you will find a cute kitchen area with burners, oven, cupboards, and a fireplace (that are completely safe and not functional, of course.) Windows on three sides so little “customers” can walk up (or ring the doorbell) and make an order.

Then they can sit on one of two stools, which can withstand at least 125 lbs, at a picnic table that is connected. Here they can discuss their great adventures, ongoing or upcoming while they wait for their delicious food to be cooked.

When the fun is done, for the day at least, a purple tray will cover half of the basin to keep everything covered up. This is good practice to encourage because one day they will have to work at a job in which cleaning up will be rewarded.

The bottom is open to the ground which is fine to leave that way but some have screwed a small garage mat to the bottom so that the little one could sweep or “vacuum.” Also a good habit.


KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse

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This item will instill the frontier spirit in every child whether they are a mountain man’s cabin or a little house on the prairie. Multiple avenues of imagination can be explored, ones that are more difficult with the all plastic playhouses.

It has an authentic look with weather-resistant wood siding and a sturdy red roof, which is plastic. Your children can write letters and drop them in their mailbox at the entrance. The front door properly opens and closes. There are three windows so they can feel the outdoor breeze as they play. Two of them have swinging shutters while fabric curtains cover the third.

A special note about the wood, though, it is weather resistant but not weather proof. It comes finished but it would keep well if you stained it every year. If set in the grass then you should raise the house off the ground in some fashion because in weather the wood will rot if it soaks in water at the bottom.

Helpful Hint:

For mailbox maintenance, as it is made of wood, rain will catch inside so it has been suggested that you drill 2 small holes in the bottom of it so the water drains out and the wood does not rot.

Very clear instructions are included with the packaging and will go faster if you used a drill with an allen key bit and a #1 phillips bit.


Little Tikes
Home and Garden

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Prepare to let your child’s inner green thumb shine as this playhouse allows for the planting and growing of actual flowers! So they can play and learn the responsibility of taking care of something they put effort into. Their confidence will soar at the thought of accomplishment.

This set includes a bench for pounding, a toolbox, and a planting play area, of course. There is also a cooking area with a pretend stove with clicker knobs and a faucet so they can “cook” while smelling their pretty flowers. The design has open flooring with a working door and a mailbox.

The lowest height is from the front step to the beam on the arch which is 36 1/2″ high. The highest part is inside in the middle and peaks at 50″. The whole house it is about 4 feet wide, without the fence, and it goes inward about 3 feet. Great thing is that the fence is optional.

Helpful Hint:

Some have thought that the assembly was too strenuous as it does have 60 some odd screws. Since none of the holes are pre-drilled, it is recommended that use a power drill for the holes which makes the screws go in like nothing. Also, it would be good for two people to assemble. One would drill and the other would provide pressure against the house since it’s a bit shaky before the roof goes on.

After it is put together, your kids will have a great place for their imaginations to go wild.


Sweetheart Playhouse

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It is always the best feeling to see your child or children being able to play outside and have a great place to explore.step2-sweetheart-playhouse-out

This cute house has everything your children will love to explore and pretend with as if in their very own home. The house is made to look whimsical, with realistic style roofing, working front door and window shutters, and even a fun heart shaped flower box.

Helpful Hint:  You might want to drill a hole at the bottom of the flower box so rain water won’t get inside.

The interior also includes a cordless phone (which takes AA batteries), a clock, and a range top that can flip over to become an outdoor grill with knobs. They can garden, grill or enjoy a cozy spot inside to color or paint with their friends and/or siblings.


It does not have a floor but it is a great opportunity to decorate with carpet and pillows. Perfect for the ages of two and older, it will inspire your children to have endless hours of fun in the sun!


Little Tikes
Endless Adventures Tikes Town
(Featured Image)

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Here is one that really lives up to its name because, to a kid, there are virtually endless adventures with this house. Each of the four walls has a different theme that covers parts of a whole town.

One of them is a sports wall which comes with a ball. There is a hoop to play basketball, a net to play soccer, and number target for ball tossing.little-tikes-endless-adventures-tikes-town-back

Another wall is for the schoolhouse and doubles as a firehouse! This part includes a table, a chalkboard, and a door with a mail slot that opens and closes. Also, it has a molded-in bell and alphabet.

The third wall is for the gas station and features a gas pump, a phone, a tunnel for crawling through and special molded-in details

The final wall has a grocery store/bank theme and consists of a sweet drive-up window with shutters you can see through, an ATM machine, and shelves inside for play food.


Plus, inside there are more molded-in things to play with like a kitchenette, workshop, and bank!

The possibilities are truly endless! Your kid could play soccer, go to the ATM to get money to buy their groceries. Then they’ll have to save someone from a fire and fill up the fire truck at the station. You might not need another playhouse after this one.


Any one of these great products will serve as a great outlet for your children to develop their imagination. This will increase their intelligence as well because it takes critical thinking skills to imagine. They won’t think of it that way. They’ll just be having fun!

Learning and growing should be fun and fostering your young one’s outdoor play mentality is key to that process. So give your kid a boost in the right direction and get your own playhouse today!

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