5 Outdoor Playsets For Small Yards

Having a backyard is great. You can create your own personal outdoor experience for you and your children by planting a garden, building a patio with a table and chairs, installing a fountain, a grill, and for the kids a wondrous playground.

However, a major limiting factor is space. We all don’t have an acre or 2 to fit all this in, but you don’t have to sacrifice the kids enjoyment due to this obstacle.

Below you will find 5 playsets that can easily fit into an area of 150 square feet, starting with the biggest. The last two on the list are mainly for toddlers up to about 5 yrs old.

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Providence Playset

Area –  143 square feet
Dimensions – 13 feet wide x 10 feet 11 inches deep x 9 feet 4 inches high

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This wooden set comes with everything you could possibly want to have for small children. It contains two swings and a ring set that allows them to just swing around while holding on.

The structure connected to the swings is a fort covered by a canopy to keep them protected from the sun.

There is a ladder that will take them up to the fort which is built at a slight angle, making it closer to a staircase than a ladder. The slide is on the opposite side for a quick escape. It is not made out of wood, of course, and is not the typical straight slide but the bump in the middle type. This gives the little ones a bit of a thrill when they are sliding down.

At the bottom of the fort, there is even a little bench and table that they can sit at which makes it perfect for eating lunch, coloring, or doing homework while outside. Underneath the fort, there is a little area that they could store some toys once they are done playing.

This set comes with a lot of pieces and will take between 6 to 12 hours to complete construction depending on how many people are working on it. Although once it is assembled then your kids will have a blast.

Iron Kids Premier 100
Fitness Playground

Area – 139 sq ft (with slide)
Dimensions 13.5’L x 6.5’W (10.3’ with slide) x 6.4’H (8’ with sun shade)

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If there is one thing about kids that everyone notices is that they have a lot of energy. This set was designed to burn off that energy and create an environment of fitness to help them start a healthy lifestyle.

The first thing you will notice is the trampoline. Something every kid wants to jump on forever, at least what they would see as forever. Since we have a small yard we can’t have a huge trampoline and a playset so this definitely gives you the best of both worlds.

An added bonus is that the trampoline does not have to be connected to the set itself. It can be anywhere else in the yard which gives you more flexibility on the arrangement to your backyard.

The rest of the set is composed of two swings, a monkey bar, and a slide. The monkey bar does great at building upper body strength and can be replaced by a baby swing (not included) if you choose to do so.

A canopy can be placed at the top to give the little ones some shade and there are steel corkscrew stakes that anchor the whole thing to the ground. This allows for easy mobility of the set if you decide that it would go better in another place. Assembly time for two adults should be around two to three hours.

After playing on this they should be worn out and ready to go to bed on time.

Flexible Flyer
“Triple Fun” Swing Set

Area – 80 sq ft
Dimensions: 96″ wide x 119″ deep x 72″ tall

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This product is perfect for someone who wants all the basics of a swingset for a very small area. It comes with three swings for multiple children to have fun on. There is also a plastic slide on one side and a mini seesaw on the other.

It is recommended that you purchase the Ground Anchor Kit along with it because many reviewers have said that they are not included. It is very easy to assemble as it should take two adults around two to three hours to complete.

Little Tikes
Clubhouse Swing Set

Area – 68 sq ft.
Dimensions: 143.50”L x 68.00”W x 76.00”H

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This colorful set will keep your toddler occupied for hours. There are three parts to this design which consists of the swingset, clubhouse, and slide.

The swing set has two swings for your kids or grand-kids to play on. There is a clubhouse connected right beside it with two entry ways with ladders on either side. In the clubhouse, there is a steering wheel that your little tikes can pretend to drive their spaceship to Mars. For a quick exit they can turn around and use the slide eject to safety on the ground.

Assembly shouldn’t take but three to six hours depending on how many are building it. Your toddlers will have fun and want to go outside with this great play set.

Step2 Naturally Playful
Playhouse Climber & Swing

Area – 57 sq ft.
Dimensions: 75.00 H 110.00 W 115.00 D

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This product is for the smallest of the small. If you have small children and a small yard then you can get a really good three to four years out of this one.

It has two swings that are made of plastic and is attached to a tower that the kids can climb up with the ladder. On top, there is a cool balcony with safety railings which is attached to a 5.5-foot slide.

Below the balcony is a playhouse with a crawl through space with windows. Here they can eat their snacks, stay out of the sun, and talk about club business. (Whatever club they decide to create.)

The assembly is fairly easy and it comes with the anchors to keep it locked to the ground.  We would recommend this to people that have toddlers to get the maximum number of years of playtime out of it.


A home is something a whole family should enjoy and part of that home is the backyard. Some of us wish we could build a baseball field in our yard like in “Field of Dreams,” but for some, that wouldn’t leave any room for other fun things for other family members… like a home.

There are lots of advantages to having a playset and not just for kids. The parents will be glad to know that their children aren’t stuck in front of a computer or the TV all day and that they are getting some good exercise as well.

Get a good measurement of how much space you can dedicate and pick a playset for your small backyard that will fulfill their huge imaginations.

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