The 5 Best-Reviewed Step2 Playhouses

Every parent aches over which toys will engage their kids to be active and creative. Plus, ones that they can enjoy for many years. Playhouses eliminate all those worries and out of all the research the one company that stands out is Step2.

With only 5 employees in 1991, they were able to enrich the imaginations of preschoolers and toddlers as the largest American manufacturer of long lasting toys. We have compiled the 5 best-reviewed playhouses with instructions on how to assemble and the best way to keep them clean.

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Naturally Playful
Front Porch Playhouse

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This durable colorful plastic playhouse is great for kids aged about 1 1/2 to about 5 years. It has windows on all 4 sides and a front door. Children will love the idea of being able to view any activity outside the little house from any angle without having to exit it. Once inside they will love being in it.

The front door is a farm door which extends half way up so kids can easily look out to the porch. The fun porch is covered and has a seat for a guest. The bright yellow seat on the porch is also a fun place for the child to sit and have a tea party or just relax outside their play home. It has a cute white fence and porch cover. The home has a blue roof that even has a skylight.

The realistic design lets kids use their imagination to engage in fun interactions with peers or solo playtime. It’s got a real ringing doorbell and a mailbox outside the front door along with a simulated plastic porch light. Young children really enjoy the realistic doorbell and will get a thrill each time they push the button.

Inside, the fun continues with an adorable play sink and stove for children to make imaginary meals. Since there are windows on all sides, the sink has a cute window over it so kids can chat with their pals while preparing their make-believe meal. The sturdy plastic that makes up this entire product is water-resistant and easy to clean. Kids absolutely love this toy house.

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Welcome Home Playhouse

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These toys can be an amazing way to encourage imaginative role play. This one comes with a wide range of realistic accessories, such as a skylight, full kitchen, cordless play phone, and a welcome mat. Kids will have hours of fun playing pretend in here, and detailed touches like the bay windows, peaked roof, and dutch door make this little house truly feel like the real thing.

A working doorbell, handrail, and table complete the playhouse’s look. You will need 4 AA batteries for the electronic sound components and it will take an hour or so to put together, but the end result is worth it. Don’t worry about your kid growing out of it too fast because people under 5 feet tall have been able to stand in the center.

One of the most attractive features for parents is its color scheme, which will fit well into any backyard or interior decor — there are no garish colors, and it’s gender neutral. This is one playhouse that parents and young kids will both be able to enjoy.

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Gather & Grille Playhouse

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Children will go nuts over the outdoor grill and their ability to be just like the grown-ups. It has a half front door so that kids can see out alongside a window. There is a doorbell that really works to notify young grill masters that guests have arrived. There is even a house number outside.

Inside there is a realistic play kitchen complete with sink, faucet and counter top. There is a simulated cook-top inside complete with a make-believe pantry nearby. To its left is a fake roaring fireplace with a cute clock sitting upon it. To the right of the sink is an open space for the best feature: the barbecue porch and grill.gather-grille-playhouse-back

The grill opens and closes like mom and dad’s and has a simulated grill top appearance. Included with the playhouse are the toy burgers and hot dogs for the kids to grill with. Also included are play grill tools for flipping and turning when the food is done. There are even hooks for the accessories beneath the play grill.


Ketchup and mustard jars for those yummy meats the tots will be making make the accessories complete. There is a bright orange bench across from the grill where the guests can eat their grilled imaginary food.

This playhouse is intended for children from the ages of about 1 1/2 to 5 years of age but will last beyond that. It is very spacious and can fit 5 kids ages ranging from 2-8. This imaginatively made toy will keep kids busy for hours with pals or even by themselves. There are many spaces for them in which they can actively engage growing brains and bodies.

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Neighborhood Fun Center

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Full of entertainment for toddlers with a fun bright slide and other activities abound. With crawl in spaces on 2 sides and a full-size dutch door opening, kids can enter in many ways. One of the crawl spaces has a doggy door, too, but it’s for toddlers. It can be for actual small dogs if they have one. One outside wall is a complete fun center with two ring toss pegs and a velcro ball toss target game that will engage kids in a little fun competitive play.


When all the fun makes them ready for a snack, no worries. There’s a bright red outdoor dining space for two, complete with a simulated television screen just like the real restaurants. Here they can relax with their friends and enjoy a healthy snack while taking a needed rest and re-energizing few moments. Then, it’s back to the fun with their friends.

No playmates available right now? No problem, kids can entertain themselves with the target and ring toss solo for practice. They can skedaddle down the slide by themselves. Then, they can pop inside and engage their imaginations. It can be a house, a castle, a cabin or tent, whatever the tots want it to be. Designed for kids from about 1 1/2 to 5 years of age, the sturdy made in America design will outlast their toddler years.

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Storybook Cottage

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The best-reviewed model actually mimics the look of a cottage from a classic fairy tale. It has a cute faux thatched roof, which gives it a whimsical charm. It also features old-world style windows, an electronic doorbell, and a kitchenette with a swivel faucet, sink, and two-burner stove. Plus, it also has a touch of European flair with its interior cuckoo style clock. An electronic play phone and a folding table are great accessories that add to the fun.storybook-cottage-in

There’re many possibilities for play here, and this is one playhouse that will work for toddlers and young children. Even smaller sized children from ages 6 to 8 could fit inside and join their siblings for hours of imaginative entertainment.

Parents who are looking for a playhouse that is gender neutral and will perfectly blend into any landscaping will appreciate the color scheme of the Step 2 Storybook Cottage. It would also make a very impressive gift for any special occasion, and would be a great group present to give to siblings.

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If you want your kid to develop their outdoor play mentality in their formidable years then you can’t go wrong with any of these Step 2 playhouses.

They range between $350 to $650 but last a very long time. The parts are very easy to clean and easily replaceable which means that it can be used for younger or future siblings down the road.

We encourage you to help your child explore their outdoor spirit.

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