4 Steps to Balance Work and Outdoor Play

Work is something we all have to do and there is always something else we all would rather do, also known as play. Going outdoors is one of those things people yearn to do for play. This is normal as our species was developed outdoors for millions of years.

The balance between these two is one of the hardest things to accomplish, but it is not impossible. Read More…

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6 Motivational Quotes/Images for Hiking

Sometimes we get stuck in our little bubbles where we only think about work or school, what’s in the news, errands we need to run, how much will my retirement be…?

This is all fine and dandy but keeping yourself locked in these activities can affect the way you approach them. Hiking around the outdoors is a great way to relieve stress and organize your mind of all that clutter so you can focus.

You don’t need to plan a week vacation to the Rocky Mountains to do this. All you need to do is step outside where ever you are, take a breath, and look around while you walk.

Below are six great quotes and images to motivate you to do just that. Enjoy! Read More…

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5 Playhouses for Children you may have Missed

Few can discount the resourcefulness of children in their ability to entertain themselves with the minimal amount of physical things to play with. Give them a box and it becomes a space ship or a race car. The intensity of these creations can only be magnified with a box specifically designed to blow your kid’s imagination out of the water.

Below are reviews of some of the best-reviewed kids’ playhouses that are out there. Each one could give them years in entertainment, especially if you have multiple kids. Read More…

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